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What is Cattle Farming and Relief Rainfall?

by cattlefarmer on September 10, 2009

Sofee Dee asked:

I’m doing a test on the Amazon Rainforest and I missed the lesson on Cattle Farming, its benefits, what it is and its effects. Could anyone help?

Also, could anyone let me know what happens in Relief Rainfall?

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Penguin g September 11, 2009 at 7:10 am

Well i cant help you with the cattle farming, but relief rain usually occurs along coastal areas where a line of hills runs along to the coast. When it’s wet onshore winds from the ocean or sea meet a mountain, hill and barrier, it is forced to rise along the slope and cools.When the air temperature falls to its dew point, water vapor condenses to form clouds. When the clouds can no longer hold the water droplets, relief rain begins to fall on the windward slope of the mountain. On the leeward slope, air sinks, it is warmed and further dried by compression. so main point is that the leeward slope is known as rain shadow. Moist winds blow in from the sea and are forced to rise over the land. The air cools and the water vapor condenses, forming rain drops. Relief rain is also a very dense and cold mixture of precipitation.
there u go, hope i helped 😉

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