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Can Cows Get Fleas?

by cattlefarmer on July 20, 2009

One reader asked a question about whether cows could get fleas. He rents and old farmhouse that is on a cattle farm and his dog got fleas. His question was whether the dog could have gotten them from the cows.
Well, anything is possible but fleas on cows is unlikely. Fleas prefer long hair and cows typically have hair that’s much too short for fleas to hang around in. It’s more likely that the dog picked up the fleas in tall grass or from stray cats or other animals that frequent the farm at night. What are your thoughts? Can cows get fleas? Post your input in the comments!

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MizzyBoo July 21, 2009 at 4:31 pm

Anything that has skin can get a tic, however fleas are just for fur. The cow could have had a tic and the dog could have caught it. Or who knows, the dog could have caught it from another animal. Tics and fleas are very hard to kill, so I wish the best of luck to you lol!

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