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Cattle – who has the best experience with bovine?

by cattlefarmer on July 14, 2009


You get extra points if your avatar is farm-related. There is something peaceful about cattle out in the field. I have neighbors who have a model Jersey in their backyard. I love looking at it.

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Steve N July 15, 2009 at 11:59 pm

This story is kind of gross in retrospect but it was always funny to us.
My brother and I spent all our childhood summers living on a dairy farm in upstate New York. It was a fairly large farm with about 275 heads and a large, new barn and it seem that there was always at least one cow giving birth. Now, when cows gives birth they scream (moo) in a very distinct tone and this sound would get all the dogs, which there were always at least a half a dozen of, to gather in the barn. After the calf is born we would remove the afterbirth and the dogs would start to “fight” over it. So for about an hour or so after a calf was born we would be working away cleaning stalls or feeding the cows in this big barn and all of a sudden one dog will go racing by caring this afterbirth with blood, guts, and cords flying everywhere. Right behind him would be the rest of the pack chasing after him. A minute later a different dog would go racing down the isle with the afterbirth and, as always, the rest of the pack hot on his tail. This would go on for awhile as the “treat” got smaller and smaller. The dogs loved it and treated it as a game and it was fun to watch them play with their nasty prize.

delphinium July 17, 2009 at 7:40 pm

I lived on a farm when I was younger, and I like cows, too. They are interesting animals, and each has its own personality.

There was a story told by the previous owner of our farm, about his nephew, who used to visit from the city in the summer. The boy used to watch Reg milking the cows by hand, and Reg said he needed the boy to pump the cow’s tail up and down to keep the milk going. (Of course this is nonsense, but the boy believed it, and he pumped the cows’ tails all the time Reg was milking).

Years later, when he was grown up, he came back and was pretty mad at Reg… I guess he must have had an embarrassing moment somewhere, when he told people how he milked the cows!

Crooks Gap July 20, 2009 at 8:44 pm

LOLOLOL – I’m sorry! I am surrounded by thousands of cattle everyday – cows with personalities, bulls with attitude, the cutest calves in the world – I get some great photos of them! But I’m laughing so hard at the two stories already submitted that I just can’t think of any stories of my own! Those are both HILARIOUS! Anything I could come up with wouldn’t beat either one of those – OMG! They’re great! Have fun choosing who to give the points to! Ouch! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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