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Cattle for Sale

by cattlefarmer on September 12, 2009

Finding cattle for sale doesn’t always have to be a tough task if you are unsure of where to begin looking. Many times there are auctions with cows for sale, with varying types. You can find dairy cows to produce your milk and cheese for you, or even beef cows that you can grow to harvest later down the road. These are the two most sought after types of cattle for sale in auctions, so you can expect there to be a wide selection for you to choose from. You may even get lucky and find a black angus beef cow for sale, to harvest for yourself, or even sell off the remaining meat left over, black angus fetches a nice amount of money on the market.

Make sure that the cattle you are looking to purchase are in a healthy state. All too often people and other farmers bring in cows that are sickly, or haven’t seen a vet in years. These animals aren’t good for purchase, and if you come across one, you should move on to the next stall. This is going to keep you from ending up making a purchase, and getting a cow that could possibly not be able to produce milk, or the meat may not be fit for consumption. Farmers have to keep their animals up in order to put them up for sale, but it doesn’t always happen. You can usually tell a healthy cow on the market just by looking at them.

You have to figure out exactly what you are wanting the cattle for. If you are wanting them to lounge around the farm all day, keeping the grass down, then maybe look for younger cattle for sale in order to ensure you provide the best care for the animal through its life. If you want them for dairy, or for beef, you have to make sure you know the monthly expenses involved in raising these animals for harvest. They don’t just feed on grass all day, and in order to produce the best milk, or get the best meat from, you are going to have to watch their diet, and ensure they are getting the proper vitamins and nutrients. There are specially formulated foods for the different types of cattle, so as long as you stick with a reputable feed store you will have no problems having healthy dairy, beef, or pet cattle.

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