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Cattle Farming – A Basic Guide

by cattlefarmer on August 30, 2009

Cattle farming is potentially appealing to people who have the necessary land and resources to make it pay. Whether you’re planning on setting up an operation for organic cattle farming, dairy cattle farming or beef cattle farming, the industry of cattle farming is becoming progressively fashionable and lucrative. Cattle can be raised on land which has few other uses, such as areas of land which are unsuitable for any other crop except grass. There are a number of elements to look at and these include calving, inoculation and breeding. For many people cattle farming is an activity which requires less labor input than most farming activities and its is important to look at your specific objectives when setting out along the path of farming cattle, since there are a number of different ways of farming cattle for net income.

For example you could keep a low number of high quality cows and specialize in raising calves from this basic stock. Plainly such an endeavor also requires the services of a good herd bull unless you plan to utilize artificial insemination.

Another potential method of earning good money from cattle farming is to purchase good quality new born calves and then feed them on until they reach over 400 pounds in weight. This type of activity in general takes more labor to make it a winner but the pecuniary rewards can be high. Alternatively the feeding can continue until the calves weigh considerably more and therefore make them more attractive to the beef wholesalers or even to consumers directly.

The purchase of acceptable herd stock is of supreme importance and generally the size and quality of animal is more significant than the actual breed of cattle used. Cattle with abnormal fat are best avoided since they are likely to gain weight slowly, particularly in the first couple of months. Check prospective purchasers cautiously, good cattle should be alert, bright eyed and move around normally. Exceptions to this should be regarded with a degree of mistrust. Similarly, and much like humans, small framed cattle will generally end up as relatively light in weight and those with heavier frames will tend towards the heavier weights. It’s usually best to purchase cattle that are regular in frame since widely diverse frame sizes tend to need different feeding programs, which in turn requires more work.

Many cattle farmers have now seen the rewards of selling directly to consumers but if you plan to do this then it is important to consider having a sturdy business plan with specific aims in mind. Wherever practicable have a specific location for selling since it is generally easier and cheaper to transport live animals for a relatively short distance than a packaged and refrigerated product. As with most endeavors, your merchandise should be well branded and your facilities clean and in good repair.


Grass-Fed Beef Cattle Book Reviews

by cattlefarmer on March 19, 2012

The demand for grass-fed beef continues to grow as both restaurants and end consumers are putting much more consideration into the source of their beef. It’s also an environmentally responsible approach that leads to a healthier ecological balance. For some, it’s a return to our origins as domesticators of animals for food. And this is great news for smaller to mid-size cattle farmers who have the right setup for raising grass-fed cattle. There are many different considerations to ponder when thinking about setting up a grass-fed operation. The rewards for doing it right are many as you can ultimately build upon the naturally efficient cycles between cattle and pasture.

There are many resources available both online and offline to answer the many questions you might have about how to get started in the business of building and maintaining a grass-fed beed operation. Here, we’ll take a quick look at two popular books on the subject, both of which are available from These two books answer a lot of questions that both beginning and expert cattle farmers might have about the right approach to take.

Grass-Fed Cattle: How to Produce and Market Natural Beef

Grass Fed Cattle - Book Cover
In this book by Juliues Ruechel, you’ll learn nearly everything you need to know about setting up and running a grass-fed beef business. It comes complete with 384 pages of detailed content. It provides solid background on why grass-fed works, starting with a detailed explanation of the cow’s digestive system and then quickly moves into the fundamentals of starting and sustaining a business around raising and selling grass-fed cattle. It is primarily geared towards small to mid-size operations. Several of the concepts and ideas outlined might not apply to large businesses. Regardless, it’s a solid read for anyone starting out in the business or contemplating a switch to grass-fed and organic beef production. It has a solid 5/5 rating from over 20 reviewers on

The Complete Guide to Grass-Fed Cattle

Grass-Fed Cattle Guide
Subtitled, How to Raise Your Cattle on Natural Grass for Fun and Profit, this book is more recent than the previous title. This book provides solid detail on exactly what and how to feed your cattle to achieve the optimum results for both beef and milk production. The book is aimed primarily at small operations looking to make a switch to grass-fed for both the short- and long-term economic benefits. It covers the basics and also goes into details such as food sources, soil testing, and proper cattle housing. The book includes several interviews with leading cattle farmers and other experts in the field. Although not as popular as the Ruechel book, it is well-reviewed on Amazon and offers quite a bit of detail on the process.

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February 18, 2012

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October 22, 2009

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where to find information about animal restraint?

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October 3, 2009

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September 22, 2009

Daniel ^ . ^ asked: I’m doing an agriculture report for Global Studies and need to do some research. if anyone knows some good sights related to the question, please post! You would be helping me a lot. Thank you in advance!

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September 18, 2009

Dylan asked: i am going to a cattle farm in a couple weeks and i was wondering what is the best footwear for just working not riding? like shoes, working boots, hiking boots??

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How much would purchasing a small pig/cattle farm cost?

September 16, 2009

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